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Trail Conditions

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2/28/19 Trail Report

S53 south from Manlius was fair/poor, with marginal snow and  scratchy/rocky in 85% of the corn fields.   Large tree was sticking into trail near the ditch by the old school bus. Trail C5E from Rt 80 south to the start of the power line towards Highland Forest was fair, scratchy and rocky in many areas. Other than a couple sharp ditches, power line was good and all through highland Forest was good.  Old Trail can now be ridden, even though signs are still up directing you to the reroute. From Highland to Deruyter was good, with a couple scratchy fields .  C5C from Deruyter down through the valley to S51D had good snow cover, but choppy and one rocky field.  S51D up into Morgan Hill had good snow, but multiple large trees on trail.  First one required a woods excursion to get around, second one was passable and third one was hanging, but will come down soon. Entered Lafayette Trail system at junction of C5D, about 3/4 of a mile north I came upon another large tree blocking 95% of the trail, a blinking light and a damsel in distress.  Luckily, she had just tipped over on the knoll trying to go around the tree, but she couldn't right her sled.  We got her sled upright and back on the trail, but I'm sure it was a tough hour she spent there alone waiting for someone to come by.  Upon exiting Morgan Hill and taking S51C back to Fabius and C5E back to S53, the trails were again fair / poor as snow cover was minimal with many scratchy / rocky spots.  

Please, with the marginal snow/spring like trail conditions we have had all year, be careful, slow down, ride right, ride safe and take care of the trails. 

Don't be like the two sleds ahead of me, who made snow piles every time they slowed down, dug ditches down into the grass and left nothing but icy slopes on all the hills.  Be conservationists of our trails.